Production Services

We have worked with some great talent from around the world; film-makers, technicians and crew. We are not limited to one place. We go where your visions, your dreams and your stories take us; where you take us. We therefore offer production services anywhere within India and outside the country too.


Assisstant directors, cameramen, production staff, gaffer, technicians, grip, stylist, make-up artists, etc. All our crew can speak English fluently and have worked on numerous projects with Indian as well as International directors and crews.


Casting is an important part of a project and requires expertise and a very keen eye for talent. We therefore pay great attention to the casting process. While we provide local casting, including Indian models and Bollywood actors, if required, we also cast international models that are based in India or outside the country as well.

Locations & Permissions

We have very efficient location managers. They are well-versed with locales in even the remotest corners of India; rural or urban. Picture-postcard perfect landscapes, historical monuments, modern buildings, bungalows, mills, mountains, rivers, deserts, beaches; our location managers can get you your choice of location and at a realistic price too.
You may take a look at our location bank on request. And in case there is a place you can’t find in there, we can still get it for you.
For those of you who have a location outside India in mind, please get in touch with us and we can provide you with pictures for the same.
Permissions from various departments are all acquired by us so as not to cause any inconveniences during the shoot.


If you are not an Indian citizen, yes, you will need a visa. We give letters of invitation to the international production companies or directors that we work with. We also provide assistance during the visa process for India or any other nation, if the need arises.


India has one of the biggest and busiest film industries, be it for television commercials or feature films. This field is also extremely competitive. Therefore, here in India, we work with some of the best equipment available globally e.g. ARRI Alexa,XT, Alexa Mini, Red, Red Dragon, Phantom4K,Phantom 2k,Miro,Drones, Jimmy jib,Techno crane,Panthor dolly, Russian Arm, Tracking Vehicles, and Grips.


Indian or International, we get the best colourists to work on our projects. The new, updated SPIRIT 4K with the DA VINCI board and the LUSTER are used as per the project requirement.


India has a number of very talented offline editors, especially in Mumbai, the hub of advertising. These editors have a vast experience over different genres and have worked on the AVID and FCP. If a project calls for it, we provide for offline edits on location as well.


Dreamcatchers is associated with some great animation houses locally as well as outside the country in Asia, London and Europe. Small, mid-range or high-end, we can get you animators specific to your project and budget.


SMOKE, FIRE or FLAME. We provide for top-end post-production facilities. The online editors that we work with have had years of varied experience and are able to give solutions to any technical glitches a project might face.

Music & Voice Over

We work with only the best music directors, sound engineers, musicians and voice over artists. Depending on what a project demands, we work with some of the best seasoned as well as upcoming and fresh talent in the industry.