Who We Are

Dreamcatchers India offers a personal, tailored & hands-on approach to shooting in India for all purposes – on many of our beautiful locations or in a state of the art studio. We are built on a foundation of unparalleled production industry experience having been in the business for over 20 years. All projects are passionately & attentively looked after from brief to delivery, meaning that client service & production expertise are continually cared for and at the top of our agenda from start to finish.

We have effectively produced and serviced for Television Commercials, Branded Content, Broadcast, Short Films, Music Videos & Live Events across a multitude of disciplines - Animation, SFX, Live Action, Food, Car, Beauty, Documentary, Table Top, Corporate with brands such as SHELL / NIKON / HP and many more.

What We Do

BudgetingBringing over 20 years of experience - we ensure all expectations are met when we are budgeting to ensure client satisfaction. We commit on transparency and cost as per actuals and hold no discrepancy between Indian and foreign agency / clients. We work with budgets on a practical manner keeping mind any limitations on a job by job basis. We pledge to finish the production with the initial budget.

SchedulingPlanning the process is the starting point for the project and we ensure we commit to deliver the project the day we promise. No unexpected U-turns. We provide a clear and concise schedule and work with any and all changes as requested.

Logistics ManagementOnce we lock down your budget and schedule – and we’ve secured our shooting dates we now handle all the logistics i.e. flights to India / any internal flights and hotel. We organize your airport pick-ups and offer you a local Sim card for 4G internet. We suggest places for your team to dine in and see attractions if time permits.

Location ScoutingOur experienced scouts can find any location that will match your requirements all around the country. India varies often from north to south in many ways: flora, fauna, buildings, towns and villages rich is history and culture. This includes an incredible multiple locations from the iconic environment and towns’ scenarios to the more unexpected modern architecture in the bustling cities. India being home to the largest cinema industry in the world also hosts a great studio shooting environment.

Permit Arrangements / Travel VisaWe live and work in Mumbai, India the hub of Film/TV production in India and have a strong network of production personal in different areas of India ensuring a quick and smooth process when applying for permission, permits and requests to fulfill our client vision. We assist all foreign crews with Visa application to shoot and work in India.

Equipment RentalWe have partnerships with equipment rental companies throughout the country offering us very competitive prices with state-of-the-art high-grade equipment for all film / tv purposes. We also assist in helping foreign crews bring in equipment to India through proper government channels.

Local Film Crew / TechniciansIf you need just a fixer or a full movie crew, we have the solutions with a vast network of professionals, who permanently live and work in India such as; line producers, coordinators, DOP, assistant directors, camera operators, sound operators, drone operators, electricians, art directors, make-up and hair artists, experienced drivers, productions assistants etc who have all worked in the past with big international crews and are English speaking.

Casting & TalentWe provide local and international casting for all projects as per requirements. We have a strong network of casting directors who are proactive in matching the prerequisite for talents. Our casting agents specialise in documentary, theatre, comedy, commercials, feature films & street casting. We have access to some of the best body & sports doubles and award winning choreographers. We negotiate talent fees, buyouts and contract. Our talent network is on-task, on-time and professional. We have also work with top celebrities such as Shah Rukh Khan, Sachin Tendulkar, Virat Kohli, Shilpa Shetty and Parineeti Chopra.

CateringWe identify dieting requirements for all personals on crew and client team to ensure everyone gets fed – and gets fed well! We are firm believers a hungry crew is a less productive crew. We don’t like cutting corners especially so when it comes to food. After all, who doesn’t love Indian food?

Post ProductionWe offer a full post-production facility with offline, online, color grading, music composition / library track search, CGI, voice over and animation. Our post-producers handle tight deadlines and are committed to delivering high-quality work to ensure client satisfaction. We have partner in the US (Company 3) and Europe (the Mill) for remote grading services with competitive pricing.