India is incredibly diverse; every two hours you will find a new landscape with different flora and fauna. Some of our popular locations include the rainforest in the North of India, the palaces and deserts of Rajasthan, and Mount Everest in the snow peaked Himalayas. Leh Ladhadk provides scenery close to that of Mongolia and the beaches in Goa is a popular tourist attraction throughout the year. Mumbai and Delhi are more modern cities with airports, trains/metros, and highways, but you can find vintage British towns in Shimla and Mussorrie. Kashmir is the Switzerland of India as it has beautiful mountains, lakes, rivers and ski resorts. You can also find the famous tea plantations in Assam and Munnar, backwaters and fishing towns in Kerala and Chennai, and a French town in Pondicherry.

In the case you are looking for the comfort of your own space, India provides studios of all shapes and sizes in most of the film cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Kerala, and Hyderabad.